• SINGLE WEEK – Pay for one week by choosing that week/session and proceed to checkout.

  • MULTIPLE WEEKS (DISCOUNTED PRICE) – First buy a package by scrolling down on this page. Select the package that matches the number of sessions you’d like to attend and checkout. Return to this page and add the sessions you’d like to your cart. Checkout with your package code. Your package credits will be deducted.

  • UNLIMITED WEEKS (DISCOUNTED PRICE) – Scroll to the bottom of this page and purchase the Unlimited Package. Return to this page and sign up for as many weeks as you’d like.

Summer Camp – Full Day

For a single week, click the sign up button below for the class you’d like to attend. Proceed to checkout. If you’d like to attend multiple weeks, first purchase package of camp. Then signup for each week using your email or coupon code.

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